Who We Are

We are a design oriented firm.  Our record shows we provide unique integrated architectural design solution which more than just meets the technical requirements of our Clients program.  You will note as you review this submission that each project has its own individual style and character.  This is because each project is carefully developed both functionally and philosophically with our Clients which reflects their needs architectural preference and budget.


With each project our firm goes back to first principals.  We try to get to the root of the problem or issues and understand fully our Client’s needs.  Having completed this, we develop a program and philosophy in an organized written statement which addresses these needs.  Within this framework we develop and explore alternates. We look for innovative approaches which best meet these needs and express them in architectural terms.


Since our firms inception we have been sensitive to this design criteria.  Our firm has experience having been involved with passive solar designs and mechanical geo-thermal and heat pump systems.  Our construction details provide for well insulated rain screen walls, tested insulated roof applications, tinted thermopane low E glass in thermally broken frames and energy efficient electrical and mechanical systems.  The implication of these has provided our Clients simence energy cost savings over the years and has reduced the impact on our environment.




The mission Statement of OAN architect is simply to translate the passion we have for the art and science of building design into the creation of expressive, effective and enriching architectural solutions. Our design philosophy is to improve the quality of life by creating a meaningful built environment, producing an architectural product of the highest quality and delivering a high level of service.



The firm has served Ontario Province since 2002 and has over this time evolved into one which has provided major consulting services.  It has been responsible for a number of projects ranging in value from a few thousand dollars to in excess of $ 20 million.  Because of our attitude and displayed ability our firm has been fortunate to have been selected to work with and provide services with the following organizations:

  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • BMO Bank
  • Niagara Catholic District School Board
  • Niagara Public School Board
  • Niagara College
  • City of Kitchener
  • City of Niagara Falls
  • City of Thorold
  • City of Welland
  • Holiday Inn
  • CC Swirls
  • Pentecostal Church of London

As the following pages shown, our firm provides a full range of architectural consulting services which includes large scale planning as well as interior design which we have completed on the images shown.  We have worked on many building types predominantly Hospitality as well as Institutional, Commercial and Residential.

We are very familiar with the site having developed many plan approaches previously with the Roberto Family and we are prepared to investigate new possibilities with respect to the project description of your proposed winery.  We can bring for your consideration a strong team of professionals with extensive experience who will meet or exceed your expectations.